Truth About the Corrupt War
On Drugs, from Insiders

Several dozen present and former government agents and operatives, and former drug traffickers, provide the author, Rodney Stichalso a former federal investigator--with thousands of hours of secret insider information, thousands of documents, and other data during the past 20+ years, revealing the gover

nment's arrogant and sham war-on-drugs. Their information can provide you with case studies and evidence revealing a spreading cancer of corruption within the three branches of the federal government. 

It is important to realize that the corruption in key government offices and the tragic effects upon the American public goes far beyond the area of drugs. For a fuller understanding of this complex scenario, read and understand the contents in the books written by former federal agent Rodney Stich in collaboration with dozens of other former government agents and insiders, including the classic, Defrauding America and Drugging America. Understand how this misconduct by people in control of key government offices have caused or made possible great harm upon the people in many areas, often on sham or greatly exaggerated drug charges, or upon being set up, or through the use of perjury and bought testimony.

Highlights of a few of the issues in the various books can be found in the informational display ads that appeared for several years in mainstream publications.  

Some of the Benefits from Reading
America's Corrupt War on Drugs
and the People

Learn the truth about the arrogant and corrupt war-on-drugs waged by people in the three branches of government who share a major blame for the drug crisis in the United States.

Undercover Agents and Former Drug Traffickers Contributing to the Book, America's Corrupt War on Drugs
and the People

Providing fly-on-the-wall insider information about the arrogant and felonious misuse of government offices and power are the following:

The culture of corruption in government, and the culture of cover-ups throughout the United States, associated with the arrogant and corrupt war on drugs are the same cultures responsible for other forms of corruption, other causes for harm to Americans, and other causes for subverting national interests. More details on these other areas are found at the Defrauding America Internet site.

America's political prisoners. Federal agents, deep-cover operatives, and concerned American citizens, who have been sent to prison on fabricated charges to prevent them from reporting to the American people the corruption within the CIA, DEA, Justice Department, and other federal offices. These are political prisoners, and many of them are the true American heroes who fought to bring to justice high-level criminal activities, and who were fraudulently charged and sent to prison.

Sample of book reviews on Stich's books.

College education on corrupt government personnel and secret activities, as revealed by dozens of government insiders.

Sample of comments by readers of Stich's books.

Links to other sites, including groups seeking to correct the draconian prison sentences, forfeiture statutes, and conspiracy statutes, that threatens every man and women in the United States, and to bring about the release of thousands of men and women who were guilty of none of the charged offenses, or guilty of offenses justifying a small punishment rather than a literal death sentence.

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Documentaries on 50 Years of Corrupt
Government Personnel and the Resulting Consequences: