Truth About the Arrogant and Corrupt War on Drugs,
From Government Agents and Other Insiders

Several dozen present and former government agents and operatives, and former drug traffickers, provide the author, Rodney Stich–also a former federal investigator–with thousands of hours of secret insider information, thousands of documents, and other data during the past 20+ years, revealing the government’s arrogant and sham war-on-drugs. Their information can provide you with case studies and evidence revealing a spreading cancer of corruption within the three branches of the federal government. 

It is important to realize that the corruption in key government offices and the tragic effects upon the American public goes far beyond the area of drugs. For a fuller understanding of this complex scenario, read and understand the contents in the books written by former federal agent Rodney Stich in collaboration with dozens of other former government agents and insiders, including the classic, Defrauding America and Drugging America. Understand how this misconduct by people in control of key government offices have caused or made possible great harm upon the people in many areas, often on sham or greatly exaggerated drug charges, or upon being set up, or through the use of perjury and bought testimony.

The value of this site is that it provides accurate factual information on the intrigue and corruption in overt and covert government operations, explains why the people do not know about these matters, how the American public (and others) have suffered and continue to suffer the consequences.

The host responsible for this site, and the related books, began  his insider experiences in the U.S. Navy, starting in 1940, a year before the Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor. He was a Navy Patrol Plane Commander, the youngest PPC in the Navy during World War II.

He was an international airline captain, with periodic residence and flying in the Middle East at a time when Iranians and Arabs throughout the Middle East liked Americans. It was the covert activities ordered by U.S. politicians that changed this friendship in each of these countries to where more people want to kill Americans than at any time in the world’s history.

The host has no agenda other than to provide true information to the public with the hope (forever an optimist!) that enough people have the backbone and loyalty to the country to get off their rear ends, learn about these matters, and help bring a halt to the corruption.

In lieu of the vast numbers of people and groups implicated, and the extent of the cover-ups, deception, and outright lying from media people, corporate media, and political pundits, it is doubtful that this culture will be addressed. Therefore, younger people should expect a continuing and worsening number of catastrophic consequences. For those, the age of the host, the worst will probably occur after they are gone. The host spent over 40 years in a David vs. Goliath battle to defend the country against the Trojan horse corruption. Shortly, someone else can take over that thankless task.

The harm from these activities is not simply academic. Countless lives have been ruined, families torn apart, innocent people, or those guilty of minor offenses, have been sentenced to prison for many years, or for life. These conditions will continue, until enough good people exercise some semblance of outrage and courage to halt these human tragedies.

A World That Most People Don’t Know Exists

The information at this site, and in the related books. will show you a world that most people don’t know exist. They will show you conditions that gives the reader an entirely different perspective on what goes on in the United States, and reveals extremely troubling conditions. They will certainly increase your knowledge of intrigue in government. And they are also, in some ways, similar to a mystery novel, except that the facts are true.

For the page where all the books are listed that were written by former federal agent Rodney Stich, click here for a list of all the books.

Some background on the person primarily behind this website.

Highlights of a few of the issues in the various books can be found in the informational display ads that appeared for several years in mainstream publications.  

Some of the Benefits from Reading Drugging America:

  • Learn the truth about the arrogant and corrupt war-on-drugs waged by people in the three branches of government who share a major blame for the drug crisis in the United States.
  • Discover how Justice Department officials protected the funding of terrorist cells in the New Jersey–New York areas that arose from drug activities, and the subsequent bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 with funds made possible by the obstruction of justice tactics. Discover how the corrupt Justice Department culture constitutes the greatest danger to America’s men, women and families.
  • Discover how Justice Department officials silence federal agents who targeted the funding source for terrorist cells in the New Jersey–New York areas, and the tragic price paid by occupants of the World Trade Center in 1993, and again on September 11, 2001.
  • Learn the tactics used by those in control of the system that has put tens of thousands of men and women in prison on fabricated, exaggerated, or petty offenses and how to reduce your chance of joining this long and seemingly never-ending list of victims.
  • Learn the names of some key politicians–including those in the administration of both President George Bush’s administration–who were reportedly involved in large drug smuggling operations, recipients of CIA funded bank accounts, and other crimes against the people. They are among the leaders playing a role in insuring the success of the September 11, 2001, terrorism and the knee-jerk reactions that insure things will get worse for the American people.
  • Years of drug smuggling into the United States by people in key government positions. 
  • Documented pattern of cover-ups by government checks and balances, primarily Justice Department personnel, members of Congress and federal judges, and much of the media, and the role these corrupt acts played in the September 11, 2001, terrorism. 
  • Members of Congress legislating draconian prison sentences for men and women while simultaneously covering up for decades of drug smuggling into the United States by people acting under cover of government operations.
  • How innocent people are charged with drug offenses, stripped of their assets, and sentenced to long prison terms, courtesy of the thousands of government agents and government informants. 
  • Misuse of conspiracy statutes by prosecutors that puts thousands of innocent men and women in prison.  
  • Regular use of “paid” perjury by prosecutors to obtain convictions from naive jurors.
  • Misuse of forfeiture statutes, the taking of property from innocent people.
  • Involvement of federal judges in cover-ups and obstruction of justice relating to CIA drug smuggling and other crimes.
  • Tactics used to silence government insiders through prosecutorial misconduct and judicial compliance.  
  • Well-known politicians with secret bank accounts funded by covert CIA operations.
  • Covert CIA financial institutions and their involvement in drug money laundering and other criminal activities. 
  • Involvement of CIA-DEA drug smuggling operation in the downing of Pan American Airlines flight 103.
  • United Airlines and Eastern Airlines pilots who became drug traffickers, and their exciting adventures, including gun fights at remote airstrips.
  • Drug smuggling in Arkansas, including the CIA’s Mena Airport, involving well-known figures from both political parties.
  • Drug money going to both political parties.
  • Formation of Colombian drug cartels by CIA operatives.
  • DEA agent controlling drug transships in Mexico, protected by Justice Department employees and the Mexican government.
  • Drug trafficking from Canada into Montana.
  • Close parallel between Mexican political involvement in drugs and U.S. officials involvement in drugs.
  • Examples of how America’s men and women, including 65-year-old widows are falsely charged with drug offenses and imprisoned.
  • Discover one of America’s great growth industries: incarcerating tens of thousands of men and women, many on sham charges.
  • Why your innocence means nothing to government personnel who lie and perjure themselves as they seek to profit by placing people in prison. 
  • Learn how your “friendly” members of Congress voted for draconian prison sentences to make themselves look good to a naive public, while at the same time covering up for drug smuggling in covert government operations.
  • The newest and little-publicized drug gateway into the United States, Canada to Montana, and the heavy local, state, and federal government involvement in drugs.
  • How federal judges and even the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court have become involved in cover-ups related to government involvement in drug trafficking and other crimes.
  • Government agents describing drug money going to both political parties, causing members of Congress to have a vested interest in forever keeping the public from discovering the truth.
  • The true heroes in America (No, not the ball players or OJ!), and how they suffered for exercising courage and responsibilities so tragically absent in the general population.
  • America’s “political” prisoners, including agents and operatives of the FBI, DEA, INS, and CIA, and concerned citizens, who are prosecuted to keep them from revealing the extent of corruption in government. 
  • Why drug traffickers almost look “saintly” compared to government personnel in positions of trust engaged in drug smuggling and other crimes.
  • Discover the documented material that can be used by courageous and civic minded people to force changes that will not occur from within the protected system. These changes include:
    • Elimination of the draconian prison sentences for most drug and other minor offenses.
    • Elimination of the draconian property seizure and forfeiture  legislation and its wrongful application by Justice Department personnel.
    • Elimination of the broad conspiracy statute and its application by corrupt Department of Justice personnel.
    • Removal of corrupt federal judges and the documented corrupt mindset in the courts, from the district court level up to and including the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. Discover their peripheral connections to the September 11 terrorist attacks by blocking the reporting and correction of the misconduct that insured the success of the September 11 terrorists.
    • Release from prison of many men and women whose charged offenses were either fraudulent, exaggerated, or petty, and only a fraction of the offenses perpetrated by those in control of the systems responsible for their incarceration.
    • Reverse the pattern of escalating corruption in the three branches of government that is spreading like cancer throughout society and which played a role in shams upon the public that cost the lives of tens of thousands of Americans.

Tools To Defend Against 
Hard-Core Government Corruption

For those few men and women who know of the arrogance and corruption in the three branches of the federal government and who really want to conduct a meaningful fight or help to do so, there is an abundance of documented material that has been accumulated by a group of present and former government agents that can be used to force changes and bring about relief to many victims.  This is not “preaching-to-the-choir” material that does nothing except placate a small group unable to see the bigger picture; it is heavy stuff.

Undercover agents and former drug traffickers contributing to Drugging America–A Trojan Horse

Providing fly-on-the-wall insider information about the arrogant and felonious misuse of government offices and power are the following:

  • Former FBI agent and highly decorated Vietnam veteran, with 11 years of FBI undercover experience, discovered CIA-Mafia drug links and Justice Department cover-ups, but suffered severe retaliation when he continued to report this relationship.
  • Highly decorated veteran agent of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), chief of the New York City Anti-Smuggling Unit, who uncovered considerable evidence of Dominican drug trafficking along the northeast section of the United States and cover-ups by New York and federal law enforcement officials. He suffered severe retaliation when he continued to focus on drug smugglers, including those that funded terrorist cells in New Jersey and New York, including those that bombed the World Trade Center in 1993.
  • Veteran INS agent who reported a drug trafficking operation by a DEA agent in Mexico and the murder of a Mexican national by that agent, and who suffered severe retaliation when he persisted in pursuing the matter. These reported crimes were accompanied by cover-up from U.S. officials and cover-up by President Ernesto Zedillo of Mexico.
  • Pennsylvania state narcotic agents who discovered vast drug trafficking, especially among Dominicans, with links to terrorist cells in New Jersey and New York, and encountered cover-ups and retaliation from Pennsylvania state officials.
  • Former United Airlines DC-8 flight instructor turned drug trafficker, his imprisonment in a Mexican jail, his undercover status for U.S. Customs, and Justice Department retaliation blocking his actions that were about to disrupt a major Colombian drug cartel operation in the United States.
  • Former contract undercover pilot working for U.S. Customs who was about to disrupt a major Colombian drug cartel’s operation (Pablo Escobar), suffering Justice Department retaliation that protected the major drug cartel.
  • Former head of a CIA proprietary airline who described in great detail the drugs that he carried for the CIA, how the CIA set up his airline, how the CIA funded the operation, and how Department of Justice officials retaliated against him when he shut down the airline in protest over CIA drug trafficking.
  • Former head of a large CIA financial operation based in Hawaii who provided details of CIA drug trafficking and funding of secret bank accounts of U.S. political figures.
  • Key CIA operatives who operated covert CIA financial institutions and other operations throughout the world, describing the looting of the HUD program, the savings and loans, forged bearer bonds, and other CIA financial scams. These included the October Surprise operation, European destabilization, various high-level financial frauds, coordinating organized crime-drug-cartel negotiations, and much more.
  • Another long-time CIA operative often used for disinformation activities and cover-ups, including the cover-up of October Surprise activities in Paris.
  • Head of covert death-squad team in Indochina whose function was to destabilize the area in order to “justify” U.S. involvement.
  • Military personnel who described to the author the existence of CIA drug trafficking at military bases where they were stationed.
  • Many pilots who flew drugs for the CIA and DEA, who provided specific details of these operations.
  • New York City vice-squad detective who repeatedly reported CIA-related drug trafficking and who suffered retaliation when he continued his reports.
  • Deep-cover CIA agents who helped set up the Medellin and Cali cartels, making it easier for the CIA to obtain the drugs that were smuggled into the United States.
  • Deep-cover agent who assisted in the sale of drugs to organized crime families, including the Gotti group from New York.
  • Pilots and deep-cover agents who described drug-related operations that included Oliver North and William Barr (prior to Barr being named attorney general of the United States).
  • People who profit from putting America’s men and women in prison, whether they are innocent or not.
  • The power people and groups who will stop at nothing to prevent the public from discovering what is being done to them by those in control of key judicial and other government offices.
  • The author, a former federal investigator, with dozens of deep-cover sources who provided him insider information and documentation for over the ten years. His books have twice been considered for television series. He has appeared as guest and expert on over 3,000 radio and television shows since 1978 in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. European television stations have three times sent crews to film him during the past five years.

The culture of corruption in government, and the culture of cover-ups throughout the United States, associated with the arrogant and corrupt war on drugs are the same cultures responsible for other forms of corruption, other causes for harm to Americans, and other causes for subverting national interests. More details on these other areas are found at the Defrauding America Internet site.

America’s political prisoners. Federal agents, deep-cover operatives, and concerned American citizens, who have been sent to prison on fabricated charges to prevent them from reporting to the American people the corruption within the CIA, DEA, Justice Department, and other federal offices. These are political prisoners, and many of them are the true American heroes who fought to bring to justice high-level criminal activities, and who were fraudulently charged and sent to prison.

A Fact of Life Unrecognized by Most Americans

A poem was written by Martin Niemoller that depicts a fact of life that most Americans have yet to learn: 

    First they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Communist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me.
                     Pastor Martin Niemöller 

Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) first supported the rise of Adolf Hitler, and then upon learning the truth, and objecting, he was imprisoned. He wrote a poem about the state of denial of Germans about what Hitler was doing. Probably no better example could be shown than what has been done to the American people, in their name, while they lazily ignored the outrages.

Sample of book reviews on Stich’s books.

College education on corrupt government personnel and secret activities, as revealed by dozens of government insiders.

Sample of comments by readers of Stich’s books.

Links to other sites, including groups seeking to correct the draconian prison sentences, forfeiture statutes, and conspiracy statutes, that threatens every man and women in the United States, and to bring about the release of thousands of men and women who were guilty of none of the charged offenses, or guilty of offenses justifying a small punishment rather than a literal death sentence.

Order form to obtain Drugging America or any of the dozen or more other books written by former federal agent Rodney Stich in collaboration with dozens of other former government agents and insiders.

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Assist our cause by making donations to Ombudsmen To Promote Integrity In Government, which is a corporation  with tax exempt status  under the federal Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3). Any donations will be used strictly for educating the public and seeking to provide help for those who have been victimized, and try to reduce the number of others who will be victimized by the arrogant and corrupt culture in government. Tax deductible donations can be cash, real estate, airplanes, real estate, and other items that can be handled by us.

RADIO AND TELEVISION HOSTS AND PRODUCERS: Sampling of thought-provoking questions and issues that could be discussed during Stich’s appearance, based upon the data in Drugging America, A Trojan Horse.

TELEVISION AND MOVIE PRODUCERS: Consider a television series based upon the hundreds of episodes arising from the experiences of the author’s dozens of deep-cover sources and upon the author’s unusual background and experiences. Also, numerous movies with various themes could be based upon the books’ contents.

Rodney Stich can be contacted at POB 5, Alamo, CA 94507, or by e-mail to

Free segments of any of the books. For a listing of the books written by former government insiders on the continuing history of corrupt activities responsible for a continuing series of human tragedies, and to download at no charge segments of each of the books.

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